2020 Rule Discussion

Dear all,

The Rulebook has been edited to incorporate roadmap based changes and we can now present the 2020 base for the rulebook.

This year the rules will be updated according to the following schedule:

  • Sep. 29th to Nov. 11th: Rules ideas are proposed and discussed on the forum by the whole league
  • Nov. 15th to Nov. 29th: All teams who participated to RoboCup 2019 can vote on rule changes
  • Dec. 9th: A rule draft including the rules voted is published (teams can then provide feedback)
  • Jan. 31st: The final RuleBook for RoboCup 2020 is published

The topics currently discussed are the following:

Updated to add link to:

  • Technical challenges rules modification
  • Ranking in drop-in
  • Communication of penalized players