Drop-In scoring: average score, rather than total score

Currently, the rules states that teams are ranked according to the total number of points scored among all the games, rather than the mean number of points scored per game. The difference is due to the fact that we cannot ensure that all teams play exactly the same number of games:

Using the total score leads to two problematic elements from my point of view:

  1. For teams who have a positive mean score, playing one more game is a significant advantage. Some consider that this advantage is fair because playing more games increases the risk of damaging the robots.
  2. For teams who tend to have a negative score, playing one more game is a significant disadvantage. Note: 11 out of 16 teams in KidSize had a negative score last year.

Last year, during RoboCup, there were 16 votes in favor of moving to the average, 8 in favor of keeping the current total rule, but since there was also abstention, the 2/3rd majority required for onsite modification was not achieved. Therefore, I propose this rule change again.