[DISCUSSION] Requirements on WiFi

According to the rules:

L422-423: The total bandwidth of the robots belonging to one team may not exceed 1 Mbit/s. The robots must not rely on the quality of the wireless network. They must be able to play if the network is of low quality

I have two main questions:

  • Should we have more specifications on the network
    • Example of rule: At least one team should be able to emit successfully n1 % of the packages while using a bandwidth of n2 kbit/s
    • Pros: This would allow teams to plan their bandwidth
    • Cons: There are concerns about the eventuality of teams complaining
  • What limitation for the bandwidth (currently -> 1Mbit/s)
    • I suggest to guarantee a minimum of 500 Kbit/s but to allow up to 5 Mbit/s (this is still reasonable)
    • Currently limitation of bandwidth is not checked at all. Therefore, teams who respect this constraint have a disadvantage with respect to others and high bandwidth usage can increase the package loss for both teams.