Sending of data from penalized robots

I think we should change the rule about transmitting data from a penalized robot. At the moment, we need to check the source code, which is often a time consuming, adversarial, and ultimately pointless exercise.

I suggest (a) either remove that restriction - I don’t think it will have a big impact on gameplay and is allowed in FIFA, or (b) force penalized robots to face away from the pitch until they are ready to re-enter.

I agree that current status of the rule is hard to enforce. The main problem of penalized robots communicating is the risk that the penalized robot transmits data provided by the team while they are connected (also difficult to enforce), this is not something that option (b) helps to cover.

Therefore, I would rather go to option (a) because I cannot think of a simple and non intrusive system to ensure that the main problem cannot be achieved.