2022 Rule Discussion

Dear Humanoid League Teams,

for the 2022 competition, we are planning to play with the rule book that was prepared for the 2020 competition and merge it together with the rule book that we used for the virtual competition in 2021.

This year the rules will be updated according to the following schedule:

  • Dec 23rd to Jan 21st: Rules ideas are proposed and discussed on the forum by the whole league
  • Feb 7th to 13th: All teams who participated in RoboCup 2019 or RoboCup 2021 and are registered for the 2022 competition can vote on rule changes
  • Feb 18th: A rule draft including the rules voted is published (teams can then provide feedback)
  • March 4th: The final RuleBook for RoboCup 2020 is published

The topics currently discussed are the following:

Please feel free to add other topics you would like to discuss to the forum as well.

Maike (for the Humanoid League Technical Committee)

I propose to consider whistle blowing recognition for kick-off procedure similar to one implemented in SPL rules:

The referee will announce the start of the Playing state with a single whistle blow. The GameController Playing signal will be delayed by 15. This delay applies to both kick-off and penalty
shots. Robots that begin moving their legs or move in any fashion during set (i. e. before the referee
blows the whistle) will be penalized in place on the field via the “Motion in Set” (see Section 4.5)
GameController signal until the GameController transmits the playing signal. A robot will be
moved back to its original position if it has moved significantly before becoming penalized. Note
that responding to a whistle on another field will result in this penalty.

Can be discussed here Whistle recognition