[Discussion] Update of Technical Challenges

For 2020, we added a new Collaborative Localization Challenge for KidSize and a Parkour Challenge for both KidSize and AdultSize. Due to the pandemic, we have not been able to try these new Technical Challenges yet. However, it would still be possible to replace one of the challenges that have been around for longer with a new challenge if there is a good proposal.

Are there any other proposals for new Technical Challenges for 2022?

In the SPL there is a Technical Challenge planned for automatic analysis of recorded games.

What do you think about a Software tools technical challenge where teams can present their software, what it does, how well it can be used by other teams and be rated based on this. I know we already have the Humanoid League Research demonstration but this Technical challenge would be less formal and more focused on software tools which are often not considered research.

Probably keep them as is. Software challenge is an interesting idea for the future