V-RoHOW Humanoid Research Demonstration (June 27th)

Discussion lead: Maike Paetzel
Note taker: Ludovic Hofer
Number participants: 32

Input from the league

  • Question: Can Junior teams participate?
    • TC response: Yes
  • Comment from SPL team member
    • Open Challenge: Quite some success, internal from the league
    • Inviting external peoples: other events parallel usually
    • Having only the demonstration slot might not be enough
  • Maike’s question to SPL: Would it be interesting for you to participate? If not, why not?
    • Personal observations from one team member
      • He doesn’t see a reason why it would not be interesting
      • All robots are using NAO, so there would be no variations in hardware
      • Difference of what is interesting for the public and to other teams - something impressive for expert might not be interesting for the general public
      • Certain tasks like collaborative behavior would require the SPL field for demonstration
      • Each team only has little time at RoboCup, so it might be a problem to squeeze in one more thing (they had the same problem for the open challenge in SPL)
      • If one really wants to push teams to showcase something, challenges need to become mandatory
  • Comment: Referee duty could be delegated to teams, without the competitive aspect there is no need for participating teams to actually try their best
    • Jacky is opposed to voting because it is too subjective
    • Even in the SPL open competition there were many complains, here contributions are even more diverse
    • Ludovic: quite a burden for referees to have even more duties, too
  • Interesting for teams to know what’s happening research-wise and very helpful for the soccer teams to get these ideas
  • Suggestion: pre-qualification before the event, since simple registration is not enough to keep out low-level entries out
    • Maike: There is already a review process, so not all applicants will be able to showcase