V-HSC: Robot colours

Line 515 of the rules states that “The robots must be marked with team markers”. Does this mean we will need to provide two models of our robots, one with blue markings and one with red markings?

Will RGB values be mandated for the “red” and the “blue” team? I am assuming that it would be #FF0000 for red and #0000FF for blue?

Will there be any changes to the maximum number of patches, or their minimum size? Given that we don’t need to consider air vents and handholds, or the impact of protruding patches on robot joints I feel like it should be easier for all teams to achieve the required amount of covering without needing lots of small patches.

One parametric robot model should be sufficient, as is done with the Darwin model on the demo World provided by Cyberbotics. However, your request highlights that we forgot to include this part in the JSON configuration file which will need to be updated accordingly. The same situation occurs for the markings of the robot and we will need to describe this as well.

From a model point of view, you can consider that there will be parametric fields where values will be set before running the game. Look at the RobotisJersey field of the Demo worlds provided by Cyberbotics to get a better idea of how this could look like.

Regarding the RGB values, it will not be mandatory to use #FF0000 or #0000FF, we stick by the initial approach for the RoboCup which is having something ‘reddish’ and ‘blueish’ that will be checked visually by teams. We don’t think that this will be a major obstacle for teams for opponent perception.

We do not plan to change the requirements for the number of patches or their minimum size, because unless really necessary we feel that team should not be forced to change their robot structure or appearance for this virtual competition. However, if team feel comfortable with having less large patches, they are allowed to do it.