Using QR as markers on the robots

We want to use simplified QR codes on the robots. The robots would then be able to accurately see each other from a medium to short distance. We would like to experiment a shared localization system through that method.

We’d like to make sure that this is allowed, granted that the color markers will remain on the robot as usual and that our feet will be black.
Law 4 Players, section “Colors” :

Robots must be mostly black or of dark grey color (i.e. RAL 7011 Iron Grey or darker) and non reflective. Robots may also be colored in aluminimum-like silver, grey or white but then their feet must be colored black.

Best regards,

Rémi Fabre
Team Rhoban


are you talking about April Tags?

We used them for some experiments. If I remember correctly, the dection was not so bad but it costs a lot of performance.

Best Regards,
Marc Bestman
(Hamburg Bit-Bots)


I’ve been playing around with Aruco tags specifically :

There are a few things that we can tune to reduce the computational cost (reducing the quality of detections, working on ROIs), just wanted to make sure that the whole thing was allowed before investing too much time in it.


sorry for the very late reply, but as I mentioned in an earlier e-mail, the TC came to the conclusion that - at least with the rule book for this year - there is no rule that would make QR codes on the robots illegal.