TC Meeting October 7th

TC Meeting: October 7th, 2021

  • Attending: Maike, Alessandra, Azer, Jacky, Reinhard, Ludovic, Reinaldo, Jasper
  • Missing:
  • Note taker: Jasper


  • Any news from the LOC?

    Event will probably be held, organization seems to be progressing

    there will be a physical RoboCup, if it is not possible in Thailand, then somewhere else maybe

  • CfP draft?

    should be done before beginning of November but wait for clear information from Federation

  • Brazil Open

    starts next week

  • Focus group with Maike, Ludovic, Andre and Brazilian organizers to get it to run


  • October newsletter has been sent - plan is to always send it in the first week of the new month

  • News from Oscar for the virtual competition

    We will get an AWS account for our league

    The Federation will handle the payment - a professional payment provider is too expensive, so the preferred method is wire transfer. I asked them to evaluate PayPal as an additional payment method

Virtual Humanoid Champions League

  • Jasper and Maike prepared a draft for a concept to be sent to the Trustees for approval

Who is responsible for:

  • Webots / AutoRef meeting: Jasper
  • League infrastructure meeting: Maike
  • League organization meeting: Alessandra
  • AWS account admin: Maike
  • Processing of submissions and robot model validations: Reinaldo


  • Priority 1: Bugfixing, Robustness
  • Priority 2: Domain Randomization
    • uneven ground
    • different backgrounds
    • light source variations
    • reseting robots to slightly random positions (linear and angular)
  • Priority 3: Evaluate which parameters of the simulation can be tuned to make it more realistic
    • tests like ball rolling over artificial turf need to be made
    • decreasing time step ? → more computation time → more cost
    • Idea: Ask teams for means of domain randomization with CfP

Other upcoming initiatives for the next year:

  • Future of the Humanoid League Open Competition - responsibilities, rule book, …
  • Junior/Major bridging event
  • Recording and streaming of Games with automatic statistics and video augmentations