TC Meeting November 4th

TC Meeting: November 4th, 2021

  • Attending: Azer, Jacky, Jasper, Maike, Reinaldo, Reinhard
  • Missing: Alessandra, Ludovic
  • Note taker


  • Robocup 2022 update:
    • RoboCup is happening 99% sure in presence
    • we have the contacts to the LOC - different people from who we nominated (because of time reasons)
  • Brazil Open Recap:
    • after correct images were used it was much easier
    • scripts strongly depend on robocup infrastructure
    • Vinicius created some scripts which do not depend on e.g. the results website
    • after setup went mostly smoothly
  • GermanOpen
    • no official central german open
    • possible distributed event
    • joined event between SPL and HL (organized by HULKS in Hamburg)

November Newsletter

  • Date of RoboCup confirmed, CfP coming within the next days
  • Virtual Season likely to start in December, CfP will follow soon
  • focus groups work started - we need more people to help