TC Meeting June 4th

Attending: Ludovic, Tony, Maike
Missing: Reinhard, Reinaldo, Soroush, Jacky
Note taker: Maike


  • Humanoid Junior-Major Demo
    • Neither Jacky nor Reinhard are present to give updates
  • Local Organization
    • Ludovic will pass on the responsibilities to Reinhard. We don’t know if this has already taken place
  • TC and OC
    • Maike has written an e-mail to make sure everyone is fine to prolong their period in the respective committee. Everyone seem to be okay with that, so we keep all the committees for 2021

RCF Funded Projects

  • It is unclear whether there need to be some results delivered by the end of June, or if the period to work on them gets extended to 2021
  • Maike will contact the responsible Trustees

Executive Committee Virtual Meeting

  • April writes: “please focus especially on how the league and community is reacting to having the 2020 competition cancelled, and whether there are any issues or challenges that you need help addressing”
  • Topics to address:
    • Uncertainty which rule changes requires Trustee approval
    • Shall there be new CfPs for next year?
    • Rule developments: What was planned, what we had time to implement, what we did not have time to implement
    • Problem with the new leagues as approved by the Trustees and the space provided for them by the LOC
      Discrepancy between the plans approved by the Trustees and the pracitical / financial support
    • Status of teams (especially AdultSize league)
    • Scientific visibility of the league

Virtual RoboCup in 2020

  • Submissions
    • 3 submissions for presentations by different teams already, plus one 2 hour workshop
    • RoadMap presentation + rule / roadmap discussion (will be organized by Ludovic, Maike)
    • Humanoid Research Demonstration (will be organized by Maike and Ludovic)
    • Junior-Major presentation + comments on the proposal (will be organized by Reinhard, Jacky)
  • Technical Solution(s)
    • Software for the presentations / workshops?
      • No news from Reinaldo regarding webx
      • If that’s not possible, we will use Maike’s Zoom
    • Discord restructuring (Ludovic takes care)
      • We are making a team-areas and give people from the teams permission
      • General voice channels for meetings and text-channels for discussions
  • We will have a registration form for the V-RoHOW in general so we have an idea how many people plan to attend
  • Specific mailinglist for further announcements about V-RoHOW

Scientific Visibility of the League

  • Someone needs to take the information from the submission website and add them to the website
  • Idea for future solution: adding areas to the submission page where teams can add publications, videos, datasets and code releases all year around

Next meeting
June 25th at 1pm CEST