Summary of the TC voting and discussion results

Dear teams,

after the discussion in the Humanoid Forum, the Technical Committee has voted on the following issues and came to the indicated results:

  1. “Teams may not use any type of communication with robots in play that contains information which reduces the need for autonomy in detecting the current game state of the robots, including the position of the ball, the location where the robot re-enters the field and the position of team members or opponents.”
    Does “robots in play” include robots that are currently penalized and/or being serviced?
    Result: Yes, it refers to all robots (5), It only refers to robots in play (0)

  2. Remove the rule “The robots must not rely on availability or quality of the wireless network. They must be able to play if the network is not available or of low quality.” and include a “referee timeout” instead similar to the SPL rule
    Result: Yes (3), No (2)
    After a discussion, this was changed so only the part with the availability got removed from the rules. The robots must still not depend on the quality of the network, because the Technical Committee has concerns it might bring up major discussions what a sufficient network quality is.

  3. Is any kind of verbal communication allowed or only verbal communication that does not reduce the need for autonomy?
    Result: Any verbal communication (5), Only verbal communication that does not reduce the need for autonomy (0)

  4. Can the striker for dropped ball be only manually positioned if both robots do manual positioning or in any case?
    Result: Only if both do manual positioning (5), In any case (0)

  5. Can a goal be directly scored from kick-off?
    Result: No (3), Yes (2)

  6. Add pillars as goal keepers in AdultSize?
    Result: No (3), Yes (2)

  7. Touching a robot in AdultSize: Free Kick or removal penalty?
    Result: Removal Penalty (4), Free Kick (1)

  8. Specify the color of the goal net to be not white and/or green?
    Result: Yes (4), No (0)

  9. Drop-In: Reward an extra point for the robot who scored the goal?
    Result: Yes (3), No (2)

  10. Allow one robot handler per “human team” competing in the competition?
    Result: Yes (5), No (0)

  11. After an indirect free kick, when is it possible to score the next goal?
    Result: After more than one player touched the ball (2), After the ball was touched multiple times (2), anytime (1)
    After a discussion, the tie was turned into including a less harsh version, which is essentially the same from the kick-off.

  12. Pushing rule for direct free kicks: Extend amount of allowed touching from 2 seconds to 4-5 seconds
    Result: Yes (4), No (0)

  13. Award a 30 second removal penalty instead of a free kick if the offense did not happen in a certain radius around the ball location?
    Result: Yes (3), No (2)

  14. If the ball is moved for a free kick (decision 13), shall it also be moved if it is to the disadvantage of the team the free kick is awarded to?
    Result: No (3), Yes (2)

  15. Replace penalty kick with regular free kicks with the goal keeper allowed on the goal line
    Result: Yes (4), No (0)

  16. Free kicks in the own goal area should only be retaken if the goal keeper manages to reach the ball.
    Result: Yes (3), No (0)

  17. Give an approximation of “approximately” for the width and length of the touch lines and all dimensions within table 1
    Result: No (3), Yes (2)

  18. Add a law that regulates the “pick-up” of robots explicitly.
    Result: Yes (4), No (1)

  19. Add: “If a robot handler touches a robot without the allowance of the referee, the respective robot receives a yellow card.”
    Result: Yes (4), No (0)
    After a discussion, it was also added that the respective robot handler gets a warning for this behavior.

  20. Remove the rule: “A goal can only be scored from the respective half of the field”
    Result: No (4), Yes (1)

  21. Add a rule that penalizes incapable goal keepers.
    Result: Yes (3), No (2)

  22. Suspending the red card for “denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player’s goal by an offence punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick”
    Result: Yes (4), No (1)

  23. Suspend the rule that forces teams to use a different player for each penalty kick until all players took one penalty kick.
    Result: Yes (4), No (1)

In addition, the Technical Committee:

  • Discussed the issue that the geometric mean is not suitable for determining the best drop-in player and came up with a different solution
  • Discussed and rejected the proposal of replacing all indirect free kicks with direct free kicks
  • Briefly heard some comments on the concerns of the push-recovery challenge and decided to not change the rules for this year