Robot handler in AdultSize

  1. In reference to line 1338, if a robot handler touches an AdultSize robot to catch it because it was clear that it was going to fall down, is that a free kick? Or does the other team just play the advantage of the other robot being removed for 30s? The latter makes more sense, otherwise the free kick stalls the game and prevents the advantage from being played.
  • Is a robot handler on the field in AdultSize allowed to engage in verbal communication with the robot?
  1. No, it is not a free kick. In my opinion this can be subsumed under the incapable player definition from Kid and Teen size, since the robot is not getting up manually. So it should be removed for a 30 seconds penalty.
  2. No, it should not. Verbal communication should only be allowed from the technical area or the space for the robot handler, but never from within the boundaries of the field of play. Good point, should definitely be clarified. The point with the verbal communication is that it is similar to the human game. And in human soccer, the players may communicate with each other and with the trainer, but the trainer cannot walk on the field. The robot handlers on the field in adult size are only to ensure the safety of the robot. They should not in any way influence the game except of when the robot is falling down or the referee asks them to remove or re-position the robot.
  1. We agree with no free kick, and that the incapable player rule provides the reasoning for a 30s removal penalty, but we still think that line 1338 needs to be adjusted to not make it conflict with this ruling. Line 1338 says (specifically for AdultSize): “Specifically, the robot handler: must not touch any robot. Touching a robot is considered as an offeense that is penalised by free kick or penalty kick according to the laws of the game.”
  2. The technical area/space for the robot handler you mention - where is that going to be in relation to the field and bench, and how big? What should we expect to see in Japan?
  1. Ah, good point, I wasn’t aware of that. But as the other offenses, I don’t think it makes sense to have free kicks if the ball might not even be close to where the offense happened. We will discuss that in the TC again, but I promise it will be clarified in one or that other way.
  2. I don’t think there are going to be major changes in where the robot handler is allowed on the field - they are supposed to be as close as possible to the team area (technical area) so they can interact with the assistant referees as well as with the team members. For the team area, we are going to try to provide one table and two chairs again as in previous years and the location will not change.

I actually think that in line 417, the crossed out text should is not something that is taken out but rather inserted.