Question about penalty Kicks from the penalty mark

  1. Lines 1200-1201 explains:
    only players who are on the field at the end of the match (including extra time) are eligible to take kicks from the penalty mark.
    Does this mean only players received a red card are not allowed? What about serviced robots or robots with a removal penalty (30s)?

  2. Lines 1203-1204 explains:
    every player can not kick a second time until every eligible team member kicked.
    Is this a strict rule? This was not in the previous years.

  3. Lines 1213-1216 explains:
    If a team has a greater number of player, the other team has to reduce its team size.
    Is this a strict rule? This was not in the previous years.

1-3) Given the fact that one of the semi-final and the final of last year in kid-size were disputed using penalty kicks, I think that these rules might be quite important.

  1. Maybe it does mean that robots with red-cards or robots which have been substituted are not allowed to kick from the penalty mark. I would also like to get more information about this.

  2. I think that this rule is particularly hard now, due to the problems of hardware robustness. Since, usually we don’t end the game with all the robots being fully operational, I think it would be appropriate to allow teams to choose their kicker freely.

  3. Depending on how 1) is determined, this might lead to serious issues. If one of the team has all robots picked-up or in service at the end of the game, what would happen?