Project: New Game Controller


  • Jayen Ashar (SPL, rUNSWift)
  • Arne Hasselbring (SPL, B-Human)
  • … (Participants from the humanoid league required)

Context and description:

There are many possible improvement to the current GameController in term of extensibility, testability, usability and ergonomy. A simple example is the use of a simulation clock to integrate the GameController in RL experiments or to allow easy unitary testing of rules scenarios.

A few participants of the SSL have decided to implement a new version of the GameController and they have already started discussing with some members of the Humanoid TC to ask more information about our requirements and have made their list of goals and ideas for the new version (see here). They are willing to develop a common tool, but there would still be the need of having people from the Humanoid League helping at least to implement the rule part for our league.