Project: Network communication manager


  • Looking out for volunteers

Over the last years, rules have strongly evolved and being able to listen the GameController is an important requirement since there are more game interruptions now (corners, throw-ins, free kicks). Therefore it increases the importance of ensuring a reliable WiFi for all robots.
With the introduction of Drop-In games and the desire to establish a common protocol for the league, the risk of teams using information sent by the opponent in their decision system is rising and stress out that privacy of shared data is now important.
Currently, rules limits communication both with respect to bandwidth and source of messages (forbidden for the monitoring computer and robots out of play). However there are no mechanisms to ensure that those rules are respected, and there’s a high risk of breaking the rules unintentionally. To reduce those problems, it would be great to be able to monitor bandwidth per team and block packets sent by invalid devices.

Those three different aspects could be covered by using dedicated hardware/software to implement those constraints. If a team or individuals are interested in developing such a solution or to work on this as a student project, this could prove helpful for the league.