List of small errors and/or omissions

Here is a list of small errors and/or omissions that we have found so far. Others are encouraged to respond with more as they find them.

  1. Line 74: Typo “heigth”
  • Line 88: The centre circle has radius 0.75m, not 1.5m (it has a diameter of 1.5m)
  • Line 96: Can there be any kind of quantification of “approximately” 9m and 6m? (similarly, the “approximate” dimensions in Table 1 at line 169)
  • Line 508: Typo “before the respective penalty time is over” should be “after the respective penalty time is over”
  • Line 646: The opponents should be at least 0.75m away, not 1.5m. (the centre circle has radius 0.75m, not 1.5m)
  • Line 766: Typo “and is currently looking”
  • Line 783: There should be a close bracket ‘)’ after “tackles an opponent” to avoid the following text appearing as being part of the "(replaces: "
  • Line 1135: What does “1m from the corner” mean in a goal/corner kick? Does this mean 45 deg diagonally, or 40cm orthogonal to the closest touch line?
  • Line 1137: Type “distance of about”
  • Line 1370: Typo “consistent with the above requirements”
  • Line 1487: Typo “drawn”
  • Line 650 states that the ball is in play when it is kicked and moves forwards, or after 10s. This is slightly different to line 1368, which doesn’t require the ball to move forwards. This small discrepancy should be fixed in line 650.
  • Section_I/law8.tex in the TeX sources should have “{\color[rgb]{0.4,0.4,0.4}{(suspended:” replaced with “{\color[rgb]{0.4,0.4,0.4}(suspended:” right down the bottom. This removes an erroneous ‘{’ that unintentionally greys out a lot of text in the following few laws.

Especially for newcomers to the RoboCup humanoid league, the rule document is quite confusing in that there is a lot of text from the FIFA rules that is bracketed out and not relevant. It would be great to also produce a “condensed version” of the rules that eliminates all of the greyed out “replaces” and “suspends” text. This would be relatively easy to do with LaTeX macros, so that only one source line has to be changed to swap between compiling the condensed and full rules documents.

Thanks for finding all these bugs, I really appreciate you took the time to read the rules so carefully.

I agree that it would be nice to have two ways of compiling the LaTeX document “with” and “without” the suspended rules. If someone from your team (or someone else from the community) would volunteer to add those macros, I am totally open to adding them to the official LaTeX document. The easiest would be to check out the git, add the macros and then do a pull request so I can add them to the official git.

I have created a pull request here:

This addresses the macros and simplified rule document issue (and point 13).

It would be best to merge that in before making any further changes to the document, or git might complain…

Thanks, I will take a look at it soon. Since you seem to be very good with LaTeX, is there any chance you know how to fix the links in the automatically created table of contents? It doesn’t link to the correct page but apparently to some arbitrary page and I can’t figure out what is wrong.

I have added two commits to the existing pull request that fix the table of contents (including removing a blank toc entry for page 5), bookmarks and general hyperlinking, and also fix the masses of warnings that are received on compilation.