Limitations with PROTO LUT values for Gyroscope

With the gyroscope node, within PROTO files, what values can we insert into the LookUpTable? According to Webots: “Note that the input values of a lookup table must always be positive and sorted in increasing order.” []. Despite this, it appears to compile correctly after inserting negative readings, in increasing order, for example:
-4.0 -4000
-3.9 -3900
… …
3.9 3900
4.0 4000
If the above example is invalid how do we measure for negative DPS (Degrees per Second) readings?

In addition, can the return value of the table be fractional (ie 205.6) or do they require whole numbers?

Values should be positive for distance sensors, but for Gyro negative values should work fine. We will fix the documentation about it. And yes, you can use fractional values in the lookup table.

I will wait for your confirmation that negative values work to fix the doc.

For the accelerometer: After testing with the measured value ranging from -4g to 4g and return value ranging from 0- 65536 It all works fine.