GameController and TeamCom repositories

This is a post to remind you that there is a repository with the current version of the GameController. We’ll continue working on the GameController to remove some bugs and add features that were spotted and reported during the last RoboCup. If you have new issues, please discuss them in the forum here and / or report them in the github repository.

The Technical Committee will also try to announce the teams for the Drop-In challenge before the tournament this year. This gives the teams more time to work on a common strategy together - which also makes it crucial to use a common communication framework. The league is using the mitecom protocol for team communication. Again, please feel free discuss additions and change requests to this protocol here and / or bring up issues in the repository.

Especially if you have implementations for the GameController or the team communication protocol for ROS or other widely used frameworks, we welcome those to be shared with the community!