First draft of 2019 rule book up for discussion

As in previous years we continue to involve the league in the discussions about the final rule book for the next RoboCup (Sydney, 2019). The Technical Committee prepared a draft with the suggested rule changes which can be found here and on github. The draft is based on the team leader meeting during RoboCup 2018 with some additions by the Technical Committee.
Please note that this is an early rule draft - the Technical Committee might include additional rule changes to the final rule book, remove proposed rule changes or change proposed rule changes based on feedback from the league.

The discussion phase ends 2018-12-23. The contributions and discussions up to then will be reviewed by the Technical Committee and - in case of mixed opinions about a topic - the Technical Committee will vote on issues brought up. We hope to have the final rule book ready by the beginning March 2019.

If you spot some spelling or formatting errors, please feel free to either report them here in the forum or – better – change them in the LaTeX source and create a pull request in the github repository (only for changes that do NOT change the content of the rules)