Final Release of 2018 Rule Book

This final version of the rule book for 2018 can now be found here: as well as on github.

Even though the rule book still only promises to announce the drop-in team drawing 24 hours in advance, we will try to provide the team drawing a month before the beginning of RoboCup (planned release is May 18th).

There are no major updates for the GameController planned for 2018. However, there will be some adjustments to the UI and the implementation (which will NOT affect the message protocol). We will try to push the new version of the GameController as long in advance as possible so it can be thoroughly tested by the teams. However, we cannot yet promise a final release date. If you find bugs in the source or have feature requests, please submit the report to the github project

The Technical Committee has also published a team communication protocol and strongly encourages teams to implement this protocol in order to successfully participate in the Drop-In challenge.