[Discussion] WiFi

During the rule discussion at RoboCup, several suggestions were made concerning the GameController WiFi setup.

It was asked, that the router which is going to be used will be announced in advance. As the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is responsible buying it, the Technical Committee can not guarantee that it is known in advance, which router is going to be used. Therefore, this can not be included in the rules. We will however ask the LOC to let us know and forward this information to the teams.

A proposal was made to change the WiFi password for each game (for example with the game ID as password) to eliminate the risk of devices being unintentionally connected.

Lastly, it was proposed to check the ability of the robots to connect to the WiFi during the robot inspection (make it a mandatory step for passing).

What are your thoughts on these proposals?

If we accept that robots can play without communicating with the game controller, then we cannot ask them to connect during inspection.

The larger question is: do we want to enforce teams to use the game controller to start the robots? If so, then we need to inspect if they can act receiving messages from it. So, during inspection, we would have the robots listening to the game controller and starting to walk, for example.

I think it is good for older teams, but may be a burden for new teams.