[Discussion] Penalty Shootout

During this year’s competition, there were some uncertainties about the rules of the penalty shootout. These rules should be clarified.

The main discussion point is, that the placement of the kicker is unclear. Currently, the rules do not state, where the kicker needs to be placed during a penalty kick. Three suggestions were made on where the kicker should be placed:

  • The kicker needs to be placed anywhere behind the penalty point
  • The kicker needs to be placed behind the penalty point, and at least one robot length away from the ball.
  • The kicker can be placed anywhere on the field

What are your opinions on this rule?

To avoid teams just running a kick routine with no vision etc, the robot could be placed anywhere but at least one robot length away from the ball.

Potentially, it could be added that if neither team is able to score any goals, it is simplified to anywhere on the field.

This is the rule for real soccer;

The ball is placed on the penalty mark, regardless of where in the penalty area the foul occurred. The player taking the kick must be identified to the referee. Only the kicker and the defending team’s goalkeeper are allowed to be within the penalty area; all other players must be within the field of play, outside the penalty area, behind the penalty mark, and a minimum of 9.15m (10 yd) from the penalty mark (this distance is denoted by the penalty arc).

I would go for the same rule. Which this, the penalty kicker can be anywhere it likes…

This already happens, and even then teams cannot score penalties. I would use the simplest rule (the robot can be anywhere), and teams wit better robots and better goalkeepers would (probably) have a larger score.