[Discussion] HLVS Robot Model Rules

The section “Setup and Inspections (virtual competition)” in the rule book defines the procedure for submitting the robot model.

They are however not tailored to the format of the Humanoid League Virtual Season (HLVS) but to the tournament style we had for RoboCup 2021.

I propose to change them to: First submission 3 weeks before competition, review 2 weeks before competition, changes must be implemented 1 week before competition for re-review.
Changes during competition must be made 1 week in advance to be reviewed for upcoming game.

Furthermore, for organizational reasons, I would like to change the submission process to making a Pull Request on Github. This would disallow having non public robot models with a non disclosure agreement for inspection by other teams. However, we did not have a single team that made use of this possibility.

As a last resort option for teams which can not share their model for some reason we could specify that they may contact the TC to make a special arrangement.

What are your opinions regarding these proposals?