[Discussion] Extend duration of final games

In this topic, we will discuss the different opinions about extending the duration of games in the last part of the tournament. Proposed votes represent the current status of what would be proposed for formal voting to the league.

Proposed votes:

  1. Extend duration of games at the end of the tournament? Yes/No
  2. If 1, when should games start to be extended? Quarter final/Semi final
  3. If 1, what should be the duration of the games? 15/20 minutes
  4. What should be the duration of the half-time during the extended games? 5/10/15 minutes


Extending the games is a challenge for robustness and for energy efficiency of robots. It also allows to have more reliable results on the games.

While having longer games seems appealing, it has two major drawbacks:

  1. Given the scheduling and field constraints, this would mean less games for everybody and therefore less time to adapt if problems appear during the first games.
  2. When robots are not working as intended, it would mainly imply more frustrating time for the team.

One of the appropriate solution would be to have longer games only for the end of the tournament where the density of the schedule is much lower and robots are usually performing better.

Longer halves might also imply longer half-times since teams might need more time to swap batteries between games.

EDIT: Clarifying that this is a discussion not a vote.