[Discussion] Encouraging the use of the HL TeamComm Protocol

The Humanoid League Team communication protocol (GitHub - RoboCup-Humanoid-TC/RobocupProtocol: Protobuf message protocol for the Robocup Humanoid league) has been used by several teams now. It would be beneficial for the league if more teams used it as it would allow for communication between robots of different teams in Drop-in games and logging the teamcomm could provide insights about the robots’ capabilities.

Do you have any proposals on encouraging the use by giving benefits to teams that employ the communication standard?
Do you disagree with such procedures?
Do you have any suggestions on improving the RoboCupProtocol?

We (NUbots) think that the nature of the game is a good encouragement, particularly the drop-in games.

However, if there is a concern about the uptake, it could potentially be a technical challenge involving some very basic communication between teams.

Hi, Cameron from NUbots,
I’ve been looking at the standard proposed for inter team communication and it does not specify whether to use TCP or UDP. I’ve been in communication with one of the people who originally created the protocol and he says the protocol was made to be used with UDP. It seems that Bit-Bots already uses UDP. It would be good to specify this so all teams can communicate properly.