[DISCUSSION] Clarification of section "Temporal Absence" + "Removal penalty"

The definition and the implications of the notion of “service” has seriously changed since last year. It is now defined at L432 (in the middle of communication and control).

The notion of “Temporal Absence” is defined at “L1591-1596”. I think that the fact that the 30s before serviced robot can come into play again does not make explicit that the 30 seconds start when robots is positioned for re-entry.

The ‘Removal Penalty’ section is defined after (L1602-1625). It contains information specific to ‘Removal Penalty’, but also all the information relative to ‘entry of robots while game is running’ which are relevant for ‘Removal penalty’, but also for ‘Service’.

My proposal is to restructure explanation as following:

  • In game play section:
    • Status of the robot (define all the different status for robots)
      • Playing
      • Serviced
      • Penalized
      • Waiting for entry (Dropped near field, not serviced, 30 seconds timer running)
      • Substitute
    • Removal penalty (Robots goes from playing to penalized)
    • Entry of robots (Description of procedure, L1610-1625)