TC Meeting Oct 11th 2019

Attending: Jacky, Soroush, Ludovic, Reinaldo
Missing: Maike, Reinhard, Tony
Note taker: Ludovic


  • Website: a few crashes, still not fully operational
    • Note: Fixed on Oct. 12
  • CFP: ready but since website is down, makes no sense to send it straight away
    • Note: Sent on Oct. 13th
  • Humanoid Open Competition
    • No news regarding rules update
  • Humanoid Open Demonstration
    • Request certificate for best demonstration?
      • No consensus among attending TC -> vote required
  • HOC + HOD: implementation validation by the trustees
    • Need to write a document summarizing results (In charge: Ludovic)


  • Rule discussion: if other changes planned, please post on forum
  • Fair-play rule (requested by RCF)
    • Jacky: We expect teams to try and play soccer rather exploiting loop holes in the rules. The OC/TC reserves the right to penalize teams for violations against fair play
      • Accepted 4 out of 4
  • Communication of penalized robot (open discussion on forum): 3 options
    a) Remove restriction
    b) Force robot to face away from the pitch
    c) Keep logs of what is sent
  • Update Drop-In ranking
    • Mean rather than sum -> (18 for, 6 against at RoboCup 2019)
      • No consensus to accept it amongst TC -> open on Forum and ask for a new vote
  • Technical challenges
    • Kick from moving_ball -> make it harder (to be discussed on forum)
      • Prop1: Force pass by robot
      • Prop2: Add an obstacle between ball and robot receiving the pass
    • High jump -> move to a “landing” challenge (Reinaldo and Jacky in charge of the proposal)
      • Prop1: Drop the robot, then have the robot walk away from the surface
      • Prop2: Climb down a stair
  • High Kick -> no modification
  • Push-recovery -> replaced by two different challenges depending on category
    • Adult: Standing-up (Accepted: 4 out of 4, Reinaldo in charge)
    • Kid: Visual servoing (Accepted: 4 out of 4, Reinaldo in charge)