TC Meeting April 20th

Attending: Reinaldo, Reinhard, Soroush (first part), Ludovic, Maike, Jacky (second part)
Missing: Tony
Note taker: Maike


  • Humanoid Junior-Major Demo
    • planned for 2021, but there are still some organizational parts missing - especially the availability of the Major fields should be taken into account
  • Local Organization
    • RoboCup was postponed to 2021 in Bordeaux, most of the LOC will stay the same
    • Main concern is still the situation with the fields: We got 1 AdultSize field and 4 ‘normal’ KidSize plus 1 ‘outdoor’ KidSize field
      • our preferred configuration is still 2 Adult + 5 KidSize - very important that all have the same light conditions within a league
      • We see a fair chance that we get the Open Humanoid League organized in time for 2021, so the additional field capacities will be crucial


  • Ludovic will step down as LOC, Reinhard takes over
  • Maike sends an email to the OC & TC making sure they are willing to serve another term

Requirement for Data Storage on RoboCup servers

  • 500 GB / year
  • mostly videos and image datasets for permanent storage
  • accessible for the general public
  • upload frequency about once a month

Virtual RoboCup in 2020

  • Reinaldo will ask his University whether we could use their webex subscription
  • BigBlueButton or Jitsi might be alternative Open Source solutions as backup if it can’t be hosted in Brazil
  • TC organized activities:
    • RoadMap presentation + rule / roadmap discussion (Ludovic, Maike)
    • Humanoid Open Competition presentation + discussion
    • Humanoid Research Demonstration
    • Junior-Major presentation + comments on the proposed rules (Reinhard, Jacky)
      • we will have a specific call for contributions for this part

Next Meeting

  • First week of June, Ludovic sends a Doodle