TC: Kick from moving ball evolutions

In 2019, kick from moving ball has been a success for many teams. For 2020, we suggest to increase the difficulty with two different proposals:

  1. Force the pass to be performed by a robot (pushes toward robot cooperation)
  2. Add an obstacle between the initial position of the ball and the robot receiving the ball. (pushes toward obstacle avoidance)

What are your thoughts and concern about this?

I don’t think 2) without 1) makes any sense, since the human kicker would just move a bit and then kick the ball. It would only require more skills by the human player.

Sorry Jacky, but the discussion time is passed and you explicitly required that 1) and 2) where voted separately.

Moreover, it still does require the kicking robot to move enough to ensure that the path is possible which is a change compared to what we had last year.