[Closed] Minimum height for AdultSize

For 2020, we decided to discontinue TeenSize and update KidSize and AdultSize min and max height accordingly so that robots that played in TeenSize would now qualify for one of the other classes.

Up to 2019, the size classes of KidSize and AdultSize looked as follows:

  • KidSize: 40 – 90cm robot height
  • AdultSize: 130 – 180cm robot height

For 2020, the size classes were updated as follows:

  • KidSize: 40 – 100cm robot height
  • AdultSize: 100 – 200cm robot height

This, however, could be seen as a step back for AdultSize, allowing for smaller robots that have an easier time to stabilize their walking and getting up from a fall to compete. On the other hand, allowing too big robots to play in KidSize could cause fatal damage to the smaller robots competing against the large ones.

Are there any suggestions on how to revise the size classes for the future?

Topic is to be continued from here with more details.